Turtle Town In Maui: Amazing Snorkeling With 1001 Turtles 🙂

Turtle Town in Maui: amazing snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Maui snorkeling won’t be ever the same after you’ve visited Turtle Town Maui.

There’s not one location that has the name Turtle Town, but multiple across all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Turtle Town is a special area in numerous ways.

This stunning snorkeling spot you will find in Maluaka Beach which is a stretch of coast that lies within Nahuna Point&Black Sand Beach in Maui(the southern part of Makena).

Turtle Town is a unique series of underwater lava structures that were created long ago by volcanic eruptions that occurred in submarines.

The coral reef of Turtle Town is abundant with the intriguing Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and is also home to an array of vibrant tropical fish as well as other exotic marine animals.

If you’re calm, take your time and keep your distance, they’ll often close in on you to look around.

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The historical part about Turtle Town in Maui.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are considered “aumakua” or protector spirits by such old Hawaiian families.

Turtles were previously utilized as a source of food and used to make medicine jewelry, tools containers, utensils and containers and even as the offering for Kanaloa who is Kanaloa, the God in the Ocean.

The Big Island in the Pu’u Loa field of lava, there’s the remains of an ancient Petroglyph depicting the turtle swimming.

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Hawaiians have linked turtles’ exceptional ability to find their way home after lengthy periods of time in the open ocean to the same skills involved in ocean navigation, a long-standing source of pride for the Hawaiian population that dates back to the earliest Polynesian settlers.

Honu, which is frequently shown in Polynesian art and tattoo design, is still revered as an important component of Hawaiian current culture.

Often, they are featured in Polynesian tattoos and artwork Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) are valued as a vital element of Hawaiian tradition in the present.

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Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle)

Consuming a variety of seagrass as well as various kinds of algae, also known as limu sea turtles are observed in large numbers all across The Hawaiian Islands, and especially Turtle Town, where algae is abundant on coral reefs.

Green sea turtles in Hawaii are natural, amiable animals that have been targeted for their shells, skins, and even flesh until their numbers have plummeted.

This is due to the fact that Honu are naturally friendly animals that they don’t shy away from contact with humans and that is the reason they were almost extinct.

They had been designated as endangered and received federal protection since 1978. Although they’re still classified as threatened…

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Despite the word “green” in the name The carapace that is found on Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is actually dark brown. when they are lying still, their shells are frequently misinterpreted as rocks!

Little turtles, commonly referred to as hatchlings, possess hard, black shells. As they get older their shells can be transformed into yellow or orange hues. Sometimes, they may change to reddish brown or gold hues , with swirls and other odd patterns.

The word”green” in their name is actually from their body fat, which is green. The body fat of theirs turns green because of the amount of algae ingested through Turtles. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Algae is a large food source found in the coral reefs of Turtle Town.

It is not known how long Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle lives.But it’s possible that it’s close to 80 years.

Additionally, they are not able reproduce until they attain sexual maturity around 25-30 years old.

only a few inches

Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) that reside in Turtle Town are attracted by the abundance of food easily accessible.

Take a look as they glide effortlessly across the shallow reef, across breaking waves and then into underwater caves and you’ll be able to see why they are one of Maui’s most loved creatures.

Turtle Town’s Marine life

This magic place developed underwater lava formations as submerged volcanoes erupted over time, creating the perfect conditions for a life of a variety of colorful tropical fish species:

Damsel fishWrasse
TangSurgeon fish
Butterfly fishSquirrel fish
Big eyes scadPerch
Soldier fishTrigger fish
ChubGoat fish
Hawk fishTrumpet fish
OctopiNeedle fish
the former Hawaii State Fish –Humuhumunukunukuapuaa
and other invertebrates
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It is also possible to see bigger species like :

Hawaiian Spinner DolphinsOctopus
Spotted Eagle RaysManta Rays
and even be fortunate enough to see –Hawaiian Monk Seals

Protection of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

It is unlawful hunting, intimidate hurt or harm the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle population feeding, chasing, riding the turtles is prohibited. If you are snorkeling or swimming in Turtle Town, make sure that you are slow and remain calm.They are often not afraid to approach them.

Another significant danger to the population of sea turtles of Hawaii is the toxic runoff that comes from nearby resorts, golf courses and houses. Plastic fishing nets and fishing nets as well as sharks, and boats are all threats to the Hawaiian sea turtle population.

We have to do all we can to protect marine environment for future generations.

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Snorkeling in Turtle Town.

Swimming is a prominent sport in Turtle Town. From diving to snorkeling and more, visitors are amazed by the incredible marine life within the Turtle Town’s calm water.

A beautiful coral reef system is located in Turtle Town. The reefs host an a wide variety of vibrant tropical fish. One kind of fish that lives on the reefs of Turtle Town is the surgeonfish. One of the most common sights is Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles walking through a “turtle car wash and having surgically cleaned their shells! They have definitely discovered how to live happily with each other.

It is believed that the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle may be seen sitting at sea’s floor in the “turtle auto wash” or simply moving effortlessly across the crystal clean water.

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While you shouldn’t engage with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle whether on land or at sea, they’re allowed to come up to you! Slowly and with calmness can create a situation where you will see that the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle will approach you increasingly closely.

If they’re not swimming When they’re not swimming, they Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle can be found lying on the beach, basking in the rays of Maui’s dazzling sun. The theory is that sunbathing can be a method control their temperature.

One of the best things about Maluaka is the diversity of activities to which the beach is perfect. Maluaka is shielded from the predominant trade winds of Hawaii due to its location in the mountains of Haleakala. With no strong trade winds, the ocean is relatively tranquil and unaffected. The calm waters make for excellent swimming, snorkeling, boating and fishing. It is easy to snorkel and relaxing. The soft sandy beach is ideal for relaxing, tanning volleyball, or for the children.

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Location of Maluaka Beach

You can find Maluaka Beach near just at the bottom of Makena Road with its entryway just from the main road.

Because of its location in the shadow of Mount Haleakala, this stunning beach with soft white sand is perfect for a wide range of activities. Because the beach is protected from the strong trade winds, the lovely, clear seas remain quiet.

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There is a wide variety of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles who are the ones who call Turtle Town home! The turtles can be found in deeper and shallower waters because they are comfortable eating seaweeds in just the smallest amount of water.

Get ready to create life-long memories at this unique South Maui location where Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles swim around as if saying “hello” and you’ll be amazed by the vibrant tropical fish and beautiful coral reef.

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