Ko Olina Snorkeling: 1 Of The Best Activities In Lagoons

Ko Olina snorkeling: the one of a lot’s activities for family holiday in Hawaii

On Oahu’s west coast, the Ko’Olina Resort area boasts four man-made lagoons that are almost identical in appearance.

Four man-made lagoons make up the Ko’Olina lagoons. Each lagoon has its own sandy beach.

There are many shaded areas to relax and there are palm trees and grass around the lagoons. Many resorts are still developing the area.

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Even on windier days, snorkeling in Ko Olina Lagoons is great. Other locations may not be possible depending on weather conditions, but Ko’Olina’s rock barriers protect it from the sea.

Because the water is often calm and still, snorkeling at Ko Olina Lagoons is a great option for novice swimmers and young children.

The main attraction at the beachfront for guests of the resorts is Ko’Olina lagoons. They can get very crowded due to the number of guests who frequent these resorts.

Each lagoon is connected by a path that runs for a mile.

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It’s a lovely walk between the lagoons, with palm trees and grass all along the way. Although the lagoons are almost identical, you can walk to another lagoon if one is busy.

Rock and stone barriers protect each lagoon from the open ocean’s water. These walls have openings that allow water to flow in and out. The result is that the lagoon areas are nearly flat and provide safe environments for swimming. These are great for families with small children because they are so calm. You can easily enter the water by extending the sand along the shoreline.

Although there isn’t much coral formations here, you can find plenty of exotic fish.

The Lagoon 3 and 4 are the best places to snorkel.

You will also find excellent service, facilities and extremely clean beaches at Ko Olina.

Ko Olina Lagoons: the way to paradise

Ko’Olina Lagoons can be found on Oahu’s southwest (near Kapolei) and about 40 minutes from Waikiki.

If you’re staying in one of the nearby resorts, the lagoons are right at your doorstep.

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Is it difficult to snorkel in Ko Olina Lagoons?

Snorkeling in Ko Olina is great for children and beginners. This is some of the best snorkeling on the island.

Large rock barriers protect the lagoons from the open ocean. They help to keep the water calm and peaceful most of the day.

It’s a slow, gradual slope as you enter the lagoon. The bottom is soft and sandy. Most lagoons are about 4-5 feet deep.

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Ko Olina snorkeling: what about a risk?

The lagoon has two sides, where the ocean flows in and flows out through the middle channel.

The channel in the middle where water flows out of the lagoon is usually roped off. It’s best not to use this channel as it can cause you to get pulled out of the lagoon into the open ocean.

It is possible to swim in the lagoons, but not recommended.

Beaches and ocean locations in Hawaii, including this one, can be dangerous. You should be aware of the ocean conditions before you enter the water. Also, don’t forget to look out for the ocean from the shoreline. You should also remember that jellyfish, sharks and other sea creatures can frequent beaches and shorelines in Hawaii.


About Visibilities in water

There are two downsides to snorkeling Ko Olina Lagoons: there isn’t much coral reef to explore and visibility is not always great.

The big waves happen some times in four lagoons.They break over the rocks. This is not uncommon.The bottom of the ocean is very sandy and the ocean depth isn’t too deep.These facts and big waves could make water not very clean.

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Where can I snorkeling?

Ko Olina Lagoons beautiful beach is perfect for snorkeling. You can enter from any direction and swim towards the rock barrier.

Lagoons are made in the same way. There are several openings in the rock ocean barrier that allow water to flow in and out. The current flows along the sides and exits through one or more middle channels. You can swim into the rocks until you reach the breakwater in channels that have incoming water. As long as the ocean waves are not too strong, you can swim straight into the rock cuts. You should avoid the middle channels as they are often roped off. This will prevent you from getting caught in the current and being sucked into the open ocean.

This rocky barrier is the best place to snorkel in Ko Olina Lagoons. There aren’t many snorkeling spots. There are a few corals on the rocks that form the barrier to the sea, and some urchins have burrowing through them. Many fish use them as hiding places. A lot of the fish we see are immature. Although visibility isn’t always clear due to all the sand in the lagoons, it can be quite good. The rock’s depths vary from the surface to approximately 4-5 feet below the water level.

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Marine life in Ko Olina lagoons

Hawaiian Dascyllus, Moorish Idol, Butterflyfish, Tang, Surgeonfish, Silversides,  Goatfish, Barracuda, Surgeonfish, Sergeant, Wrasse will be yours marine friends during snorkeling in Ko Olina Lagoons.

A black and white fish with black mesh lines around its scales is the Hawaiian dascyllus.

The brilliant yellow fish have a flat, oval appearance akin to the insects calls butterflyfish. Near 25 kinds live off the North shore of Oahu.

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Cornetfish, sometimes known as flutemouths, are long, gray-white fish that can grow up to 6.5 feet long. They are distinguished from eels by their long snouts and unique fins, which make them fascinating to watch as they dart through the water.

Another iconic coral reef fish with brightly patterned stripes and a striking form named Moorish Idol. Behind a thin, rounded nose and bands of black,yellow and white the long, sharp dorsal fin extends through the calm water.

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The Goatfish with a huge diversity of markings and colors—including spots, stripes, golden fins, pink bodies and more will surprise you.

If you are lucky, you might be able to swim with Green Sea Turtles near Lace and Cauliflower Corals.

In Ko Olina, sea urchins (Black Rock-Boring and Banded ), also live in the environment.


These Ko’Olina Beach Lagoons were designed with all the amenities that a high-end hotel guest would want. These lagoons are wonderful in that they are constantly filled by the ocean currents. They serve all the functions that are available in large swimming pools like those found in resorts, but also have a freshness that isn’t affected by chlorine or other chemicals.

For novice and family swimmers the snorkeling may be the best on the Ko Olina island.

The Ko olina Lagoons, being so sheltered by the ocean, offer a tranquil and serene snorkeling experience.

Ko Olina has many luxury resorts. This is a great place to visit or just to enjoy the beauty and activities this area has to provide.

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