Flamenco Beach Snorkeling: one of the Best 10 Beaches in the World & Fantastic Emotions.

Perhaps the most soft sand on the planet and with the most turquoise water you’ll encounter is surrounded by the most stunning landscape of hills rolling across the island of Culebra , Puerto Rico.

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The Culebra Island

The island has featured in lists of the top scuba diving and snorkeling spots all over the world. Between the Navy controlling areas of this island over a long time with little development and strict protection laws It has been a great help in keeping the coral reefs that are in good condition.

Culebra will be top destination during you visiting Puerto Rico. The tiny island is the home of Flamenco Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in the world , and some of the most healthy coral reefs that remain within the Caribbean.

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Small and undeveloped, this island is home to miles of shoreline, as well as plenty of healthy marine life as well as coral reefs. It is perhaps the best snorkeling you can get on the island of Puerto Rico.

Culebra is located 17 miles east of “big island” of Puerto Rico However, it’s a million miles from the main island in the feel and atmosphere. Culebra is not subject to the development and urban sprawl that the majority people in Puerto Rico has experienced.

This, combined with the fact that it is a coral-rich island (meaning there is no muddy run-off from rivers to pollute the waters) with a very small population and huge areas of wildlife habitats, allow the coral reefs that surround Culebra to flourish. Visibility is dependent on the sea and weather conditions, however it is generally great underwater views.

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The beaches and coves that face towards the west (the the leeward part) offer the best snorkeling due to the fact that land masses block the majority of the waves that enter out of the northwest or north.

The beaches of these are not famous for their sand and when you go towards the south, they’re somewhat hard to find. However, don’t fret there are lovely sandy spots at the shore.

Underwater, expect some stingrays on the beaches as well as turtles (especially feeding on grasses) as well as a variety of corals and fish of all kinds. There are times when you have the feeling that you were inside an aquarium.

I have noticed a few different kinds of sea urchins as well as fire coral. Be aware of where you enter the water and be careful not to touch any object when snorkelling.

Culebra has beaches that have shallow water making it ideal for children to dive and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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This little island (seven-by-four-miles) is a favorite of tourists and locals alike, not only for the things on the island , but also for the things you will not find here. Culebra does not have luxurious resorts, casinos elegant eateries, theaters or nightlife to talk about.

Also, there are no crime, crowds or traffic. It does offer an unpretentious beach vibe, with great beach and snorkeling.

What makes Flamenco Beach Culebra Island so amazing?

Here are the top three reasons you should go to Flamenco Beach:

  • It’s breathtaking (you will be stunned):

It may even merit the highest spot on any top beaches list.

  • There’s something magical about it:

The small island Culebra Puerto Rico is mostly undeveloped, which allows its beautiful natural splendor shine. In contrast to other popular Caribbean locations with hotels lined beaches and eateries with spectacular views, Flamenco Beach offers none of those. Instead, you’ll relax on the beach in its beautiful natural state.

  • Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico isn’t too crowded:
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More impressive? Its location in the middle is a challenge to access and also, the beach isn’t over busy. The crescent-shaped beach is spacious enough for you to sprawl out and get in peace away from crowds.

Flamenco Beach is half mile crescent located on the north-facing part of Culebra. It’s a protected cove, which means there are hardly any waves.

I believe snorkeling is simple (it is more rough in winter, so be sure to monitor the conditions of the waves and water.Don’t swim into the area if you see too many waves).You can enjoy fantastic snorkeling right from the beach.

There are a lot of different species of fish. I believe the most enjoyable snorkeling is along the edge of the reef. you’re the water above your head.

Flamenco Beach Snorkeling

The best thing when snorkeling Culebra is that you don’t need to travel far to view some stunning marine life. At most beaches you will find an entire reef off of them and the same is true in Flamenco beach. Both ends are great snorkeling destinations. All you have to do is grab your snorkeling mask and stroll over.

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Flamenco Beach is famous for the wide white sand beach and gorgeous Caribbean-blue waters. However, it also offers plenty of great snorkeling just a few minutes walk away from where the beaches are.

The majority of people walk in along the main road from the parking area and then proceed to the reef further to their left. This is where you’ll see divers snorkeling. It’s okay but the place is well-used and isn’t as safe as it was in the past.

There is a more healthy reef system to the left and straight away from the tank that is on the beach.

Another spot that is great for spotting many fish is at the west-end of the beach near the tank that is graffiti-covered. The dark spots in the water that is turquoise, which indicate the reef, will guide you to this area. If not, the swarms pelicans looking for the next meal will.

The most enjoyable snorkeling spot is the left of Flamenco Beach Culebra, where the sandy beach ends and the rock formations begin (that is the east part of the beach). The area is referred to as “Shark Cages” (or “Muellecito” by people who live there).

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The reef extends all the way to the beach in this region it is necessary to get in and out of the water between two rows of rock/concrete. When you are in the water, you can swim around the concrete pilings, and then to the left.

The amazing reef is dotted with a variety of corals of all kinds and marine life. If you travel along the reef to the northeast the water is quite deep and you must be aware of how the water flows as you move close to where the reef is.

If you must get out of the water in the exact spot from which that you entered it, you must make sure you turn around before getting exhausted. It is likely that you will be in the water against the current as you head back to the beach and you’ll want to ensure that you are back to dry land in a safe manner.

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The sun can be very intense in the area. Even on days with overcast skies there’s enough UV radiation reflected off of the sand or the water to cause the most severe sunburn in just a few minutes.

Apply sunscreen often and generously however, make sure that the sunscreen can be used on corals safely and not able to cause bleaching. Wear a rashguard or a long-sleeved shirt when snorkeling. Women must be wearing shorts (not just bikini bottoms) when snorkeling to stay security.

The Fauna&Flora of Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico

The waters that surround Flamenco beaches are home for various species of parrot fish blue tang, parrotfish, several species of wrasse as well as others Caribbean marine fish species. Crustaceans like Ghost Crab are also observed.

Around 50,000 seabirds flock to the Culebra’s Flamenco Peninsula each summer to nest, mostly sooty terns as well as other species that migrate.

The summer visitors to Flamenco Beach are familiar with them since they frequently visit the area to feed in huge quantities. By the end of September they have set up together their broods and flitted out to sea, only to return to their homes the following summer.

At times, hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles can be observed on the beaches (Carlos Rosario Beach or Tamarindo Beach for example) in the Culebra archipelago also serve as an important breeding ground for them. The adjacent sea grass beds offer shelter and food for sea turtles.

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Painted Tanks at Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico

It’s impossible to visit Flamenco Beach without getting a photograph of the tanks. If you’ve ever searched for Flamenco Beach Culebra you’ve probably seen at the very least the image of one tank However, there are two.

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The remnants of the days when the US Navy was making use of it as a test area The tanks were removed after the Navy eventually quit the island, and are now a singular tourist attraction.

The most well-known tank is near the point where the ocean joins the shoreline and is almost always filled with people who are posing or climbing up it to get the perfect shot. There’s also another tank that is located away from the beach, and into the brush.

There’s a second tank right from the beach, which you can spot on the land too.

The tank was left on the beach and began to decay. When you walk along the sand toward tanks, it will start to notice black sediments on the sand, resulting from sinking tanks. It’s really sad.

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However, the locals have created a way to transform that dark time into something gorgeous. Tanks are painted regularly to make them visually appealing, and thus earning them their own name.

It’s now an attraction in Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico and it is a fascinating stroll. Children especially enjoy looking at the tanks from the past.

Some interesting insights about Flamenco Beach:

1. Once you’ve walked along the marked path and on to the beachfront, you are able to leave to the left toward the northern end of the island and then right on towards the crescent-shaped shoreline. I personally find it more tranquil to be at the beach far from crowds, and that’s why I do most of the time. But being near to the facilities has its advantages also.

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I’d suggest walking in either direction on the beach if you want to go in the water. Waves are largest and most powerful in the middle, when they are coming straight out of to the Caribbean Sea.

The far end of the west side of the street has more palm trees and places for you to lounge under. If you’re not looking to spend money on an umbrella, choose one of the palm trees! It is best to arrive early in order to get one especially during summer peak times or during the winter months where the beaches get crowded.

2. There are drinks and food available on Flamenco Beach (in the parking lot) throughout the day. There are tables for picnics under the shade of pine trees and you can sit down to enjoy your meal in shade or take your lunch to the beautiful beach.

It is also possible to bring drinks and food items in a cooler, however glass containers are not allowed. The only place (that I’ve seen) where they actually inspect your coolers prior to allowing you into the beach.

3. If you’re at Flamenco Beach with kids you can walk along the hillside at the side of the crescent (towards the east). The water is quite shallow and it’s the ideal place for children to play.

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The waves are the most gentle at the ends of the crescent. However, the waves are quite intense on the middle beach, with direct access to the wide Caribbean Sea

4. Take a quality snorkeling gear with you for the best experience Flamenco Beach.

How to get to Flamenco Beach?

If you’re trying to figure out how to travel to Flamenco Beach from San Juan area there are 3 choices:

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1. When you’re deciding to make a decision, it’s usually down to the amount of time you have or money. If you’re not afraid of shelling for a little more traveling into Culebra by plane from old San Juan is the easiest method to get there.

2. However, if you have more time or would like to explore El Yunque or Fajardo along the route the ferry could be an alternative.

When you reach Culebra it is possible to walk(not recommended unless you’ve got a lot of time and money to spare) You can also choose to take an taxi($5-10) or hire cars. Renting an automobile is our most preferred choice since it allows you to go out and explore the nearby beaches too.

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The most popular modes of transportation in the island include Jeeps or golf cars. I would recommend the jeep as some of the less traveled roads can be rough. However, if Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico is all you’re looking for it’s possible to drive all the way to there and a golf car is just right.

3. Take a one day trip of a lot’s of Flamenco Beach Tours with snorkeling or speedboat departing from San Juan or Ceiba.


A stunning white strip of coral sand and surrounded by shimmering water of turquoise as well as blue. Playa Flamenco is fringed with the same low-lying scrub as well as palms that Columbus might have seen more than five hundred years ago.

It’s an absolutely breathtaking beach that must be explored. However, don’t tell anyone you’ve seen it because the tiny crowds add to the appeal.

Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico is a can’t overlook spot, but be sure you visit at least some of the other amazing beaches in Culebra. There’s something for everyone From off the beaten track remote beaches to incredible snorkeling spots.

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