Coral gardens Maui: one of the stars in diving and snorkeling in the Hawaiian collection

Coral Gardens is one of the most popular snorkeling places on Maui. You can find colorful tropical fish or the chance to snorkel with Hawaiian sea turtles that are green, Coral Gardens has it everything. The Coral Gardens are located to the to the south of Olowalu and surrounded by the stunning West Maui Mountains, this natural habitat allows marine life to flourish.

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Apart from the incredible variety of marine life that is colorful the area is also known for its calm ocean waters because of the shade that the mountains provide. Additionally, the waters are extremely clear and shallow depth.

This lets sunlight pass through the ocean floor, making sure that you get a stunning view of the vibrant green and blue corals.

A little South from Lahaina along with Olowalu, Coral Gardens stretches beneath the ocean from the South End at Papalaua Beach towards the cliffs.

The history of Coral gardens Maui

In the past 500 000 years the lava of the Mauna Kahalawai crater was flowing down into the ocean , creating the lava fingers. Today you can see amazing marine life that thrives in the volcanic beautiful natural reef formation. Coral Gardens are Hawaii’s oldest reef structures and one of the most popular snorkeling spots of Maui. It is bursting with colors and life along the ocean floor.

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Spectacular Snorkel Experience

Coral Gardens is a unique natural stunning reef formation located within a protected area located on the west side of Maui. The area is home to a variety of Green Sea Turtles of Hawaii and a variety of fish.

It is only possible to access this Maui snorkel spot by boat. Guest and crew members could be got this Maui magic snorkel tour with calm ocean conditions using only a few boats.

That’s why this area is more exclusive and expensive than another Maui tours. With visibility as high as 40 feet the crystal clear waters and massive coral reefs make the view for snorkeling magnificent.

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Snorkeling: how difficult can it be?

Coral Gardens Maui is perfect for beginner and intermediate snorkelers. Even children will be having fun.

If you’re interested in exploring the snorkeling locations, but you want an extra sense of freedom then try SNUBA.

SNUBA is an ideal blend between snorkeling and SCUBA There are no certifications are needed. With SNUBA, you can breathe comfortably and explore at least 15 feet beneath the surface. The best part is that you don’t need to carry around a bulky air tank because it stays on the surface.

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What’s else you can find in this Maui snorkeling adventure?

In observing and preserving the beauty of the aina (land) along with Makai (ocean) you will be completely immersed in a realm that is not often seen by the human eyes. If you travel during the winter seasons to the Coral gardens Maui you might be able to see humpback whales enjoying a frolic in the water, playing with each other in their annual journey into Hawaiian waters.

If you’re lucky enough, you might hear a whale’s song when swimming in the water in the Coral gardens Maui. In the summer months you can watch Hawaiian spinner dolphins stalk your boat, laughing as they make their way towards you to give you an amiable Hawaiian greeting.

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Marine life and famous hawaiian green sea turtles at Coral Gardens Maui

Coral Gardens is home to an array of vibrant marine animals and tropical fish in the warm waters.

There is a good chance to find butterflyfish, trumpetfish, peacock grouper and parrotfish, yellow Tang, spotted tobies Achilles’ the tang, unicornfish, Moorish idols and numerous other species. There’s also a great chance to see bluefin trevally, octopus, crabs and a lot’s of fragile coral.

In addition, the world-renowned Hawaiian green sea turtles are often seen.

In contrast to Molokini Coral Gardens Maui is situated nearer towards the beach. Because of it’s lower elevation and it’s proximity to the shoreline, Coral Gardens provides a better chance to see and even swim with gorgeous Hawaiian turtles in the ocean!

At certain times of the season Olowalu is also a famous surfing place.

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Coral Gardens is Maui’s largest and most healthy reef with more than 100 acres of some old reef structures from Hawaii. With giant coral head formations that have been discovered ages years ago, Coral Gardens remains one of the most popular snorkeling destinations throughout Hawaiian islands.

Coral Gardens Maui is an ideal medium-to-deep-depth snorkeling area due to the fact that the seabed slopes towards the coastline.

The people must do everything to save coral reefs surrounding Maui for next generations.

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