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Diving is my passion

Hi there and welcome to my site about diving!

My name is Karen Coller, a passionate diver and an even more passionate globetrotter.

For me diving is a time to discover new things about yourself, to uncover new paths and set new goals.
Growing up near Long Beach, California, I spent almost all a time at the beach .

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My mother, a swim coach & lifeguard, taught me how to swim and eventually become a competitive swimmer. My grandfather developed his appreciation for the ocean by regularly taking me on deep-sea fishing trips.

Ever since my first scuba diving lesson at the age of 10, I fell in love with the underwater world. I was completely captivated by the dynamic variety of marine life that existed just below the surface. It was a whole new world down there and I knew that I would always make time to explore it.

Being underwater is my safe place where I meditate and blissfully enjoy my surroundings.
Diving opened a new world for me. In my opinion, the underwater world is full of wonderful treasures to discover and there is much more hidden in the deep depth of our oceans.

Feeling weightless and free observing what the ocean has to offer is the best. There are no bad dives as each single dive allows me to encounter something special – nature.
Diving has led me to many incredible opportunities throughout my life. It has allowed me to explore new places, meet like-minded people.

My first glimpse of the ocean made a lasting impression on me, and continues to drive my motivation to devote my energy to protecting the marine environment.
I learned to swim in the ocean and to sail in the calm waters of the inlet in Alamitos Bay. Also I like both the cool waters of California as well as the warm, crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

My last warm water dive trip to Fiji, known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World.”

The paradisiacal archipelago of Fiji encompasses more than 300 islands scattered around the Pacific Ocean.

The best diving is to be found in the south of the island around Savusavu: Barracuda Point, Dreadlocks, Nasonisoni Passage or Dream House are exactly the types of diving for which Fiji is famous. Walls, caves, overhangs, hard and soft corals, variety of fish, you name it. Probably the best spot is Dream House.

I love everything about the ocean, but conservation is always first and foremost in her heart. I live by the mantra – “Take photos, Leave bubbles.” Underwater Photography has become my passion.

Diving is a great tool which allows me to study the marine life and to follow my passion. I am already looking forward to jump into the blue and dive deep into my world full of wonders.

In recent years, I started writing more and more about ocean conservation and responsible tourism. My main goal now is to promote responsible diving best practices.

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Be aware of the sounds and sights around you. Watch the corals sway and the fish dance with the surges of the water.

Get lost in the colourful busy movements of the reef, or the vastness of the deep blue. Let your everyday stressors disappear and feel the sense of calmness and awe that the ocean pours over you.

Remember that you are saltwater and that humans are inextricably connected to the ocean. Be respectful. Don’t touch or tease animals.

Practice good buoyancy control so you’re not banging into coral, rocks or other divers. Participate in beach cleanups and dives against debris. Take only pictures and leave only bubbles.

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