The 40 Most Exciting Things To Do In Florida And A Few More

The 40 most exciting Things To Do in Florida and a few more

The Florida State is a fantastic tourism destination.

You can find a diverse choice of intriguing activities to do while in the Sunshine State, from natural wonders to magical adventures of the imagination.

Consider this bucket list ‘Things To Do in Florida’ from 40 and a few more most incredible places as starting point for your the best time there.

Top diving places

If you love underwater like me you will be very happy to try diving in the next few sites:

1. Dry Tortugas National Park

Things To Do in Florida 1

Dry Tortugas National Park is located over 70 miles west of Key West and is only accessible by boat or seaplane.

The park protects natural wonders above and below its pure water’s surface and is known around the world as the home of Fort Jefferson, a coastal fortress made up of over 16 million bricks more than a century ago.

Dry Tortugas National Park is a great secluded hideaway for aficionados of history and stunning blue waters alike, and is ideal for bird viewing, beach camping, and snorkeling.

You can find snorkeling, camping, boating, paddle boarding in Dry Tortugas National Park.

Ocean life thrives in this secluded location. Various marine creatures can find shelter in vibrant coral reef and sea grass habitats.

You can be a witness of a diversity of beautiful reef fish and other marine life if you’re ready to get wet and dive below the water’s surface. Large sea turtles bury their clutches of eggs on the protected beaches of Dry Tortugas National Park .

On Bush Key, the sooty tern has its only consistent breeding location in the whole country.

The Dry Tortugas National Park are the world’s third-largest coral barrier reef and the only tropical reef in the continental United States.

It’s actually 99 percent underwater despite the “dry” part of the name.

2. Devil’s Den

lake wales 2

It is a privately owned and run scuba diving instruction and leisure facility located near Williston.

The roof above an underground river has fallen exposing the water to the open surface in Devil’s Den.It was created a karst window.

Winter or summer the nice year-round air temperature of 72 degrees provides for comfortable diving. Early settlers named the cave Devil’s Den because steam rises from the cave’s chimney on frigid winter mornings like smoking.

Scuba divers and snorkelers are the only ones who can access Devil’s Den Spring – no swimmers, casual visitors or children under six years of age.

3. Neptune Memorial Reef

Things To Do in Florida 3

The Neptune Memorial Reef was created to hold the cremated ashes of persons who have a passion for the sea.

Three miles off the coast of Miami Beach, in roughly 40 feet of water, is an artificial reef designed to promote coral growth and ocean health.

The reef is home to more than 14 coral varieties, 195 coral colonies, a rich array of aquatic animals and even extinct sea urchin species.

Filefish, trunkfish and pufferfish are drawn to the reef’s steep surfaces. Key species including moray eels, parrotfish and spiny lobsters have found new homes in the new coral colonies.

Tourists, divers, snorkelers, marine scientists and families whose loved ones’ remains were deployed to the reef have become frequent visitors to this vast area of Atlantic ocean floor. 

4. Ginnie Springs

Things To Do in Florida 4

This fantastic park is open all year and offers a diverse range of water sports that the entire family will love.

Near High Springs, Florida, the resort is situated in 200 acres of unspoiled Florida woodlands.

The beautiful and welcoming spring, which flows out to the Santa Fe River, is a playground for swimmers, snorkelers, tubers, and divers alike, as it keeps a constant 72 degrees year-round.

Ginnie is famed for its spectacular network of underwater caves, yet this wonderful scuba site is not intimidating for beginners.

Large gar, mullet, catfish, turtles, bass, and other species are all possible sightings.

Camping, canoeing, tubing, kayaking, and a variety of other activities are also available in a gorgeous location.

5. Manatee Springs State Park

key west 5

One of Florida’s largest freshwater springs can be found in Manatee Springs State Park.

Manatee Springs is a famous summer recreation spot and an important winter habitat for West Indian manatees.

Swimming and scuba diving are good in the spring, especially during the warm months. Canoeing and kayaking are popular on the spring run and the Suwannee River.

The spring has become a renowned scuba diving spot due to its underwater tunnels.

Swimming, canoeing, camping and hiking are all available at the state park in addition to scuba diving.

6. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Things To Do in Florida

A state park was created to protect the only live coral reef in the continental U.S., John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park was the first undersea state park in the country.

 During the trip, you can see extensive living coral formations, a variety of marine life, tropical hammocks and mangrove swamps. 

Scuba diving and snorkeling activities are available at the underwater park, as well as a glass-bottom boat tour, swimming, walking the trails, and canoeing and kayaking.

In addition to the protected sea area, the site includes a theater, visitor centre, campground, shop and aquarium.

Entertainment Industry (Theme Parks)

If you are planning incredible family holiday a lots of happy moments will be waiting all of you in this Florida bucket list of amusement parks:

7. Walt Disney World

key west 7

Walt Disney World is more than just a theme park. Buses, trams, boats, ferries, gondolas, a soon-to-be high-speed rail, and polka dot Minnie-vans all zoom around the resort, which is the same size as San Francisco.

The magic can be a little overwhelming at that size.

The Walt Disney World Resort is the ultimate family vacation location.

This sprawling property includes four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom), two water amusement parks (Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach)

You will find more than two dozen hotels and the Disney Springs shopping, dining and entertainment complex in Walt Disney World.

Each park has a variety of shows, including both stage and “street” performers.

8. Universal Studios

universal studios

Universal Orlando is a fanciful land where classic TV shows and movies come to life .When you visit this fun theme park, you’ll see malevolent monsters, cute cartoon characters and classic superheroes.

For beginning Universal Studios Florida offers one of the most exhilarating entertainment experiences The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Diagon Alley™.

Another offers are a few of annual events like Halloween Horror Nights and Holidays at Universal Orlando, Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando, Rock the Universe and a lot’s another.

Your favorite shows are even reflected in the restaurants.

You’re will definitely take home more than memories with almost 40 fantastical stores at Universal Studios Florida.

9. Legoland Florida

Things To Do in Florida 9

LEGOLAND Florida is the world’s largest interactive LEGOLAND Park, covering 150 acres.

Park has over 50 rides, attractions and shows for all ages, as well as life-size LEGO displays and interactive entertainment.

It has a beautiful botanical garden and also the LEGOLAND Water Park.

Pink-knuckle roller coasters, the Imagination Zone, Miniland USA and LEGO City are among the attractions where kids can learn to drive by steering their own boats and LEGO cars.

The sheer amount of Lego creations is mind-boggling.

Thousands of elaborate models created from normal Lego bricks may be found throughout Legoland Florida from the gigantic dinosaurs at the entryway to the tiny creatures atop Legoland name tags.

Sea serpents and soaring cathedrals, as well as likenesses of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have all been created with them.

In the end, however, the 58 million LEGObricks assembled in central Florida have produced the most entertaining creation yet – LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

10. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Things To Do in Florida 10

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a hidden gem located just one hour from Orlando’s main tourist attractions.

Exotic creatures can be seen up close and world-class roller coasters can be found here.

You’ll be treated to thrilling rides and live entertainment. The park’s zoological collection, which includes approximately 12 000 animals from more than 300 species is a must-see for families and its world-class thrill rides appeal to people of all ages.

Cheetah Hunt is a triple-launch roller coaster that takes riders high above the park before racing down into a rocky ravine. It is the park’s longest thrill ride and it incorporates the coaster into the Cheetah Run animal habitat in a unique way.

Jungala allows you to get closer to tigers than ever before, while Montu allows you to soar through the air.

11. SeaWorld Orlando Theme Park

Things To Do in Florida 11

You can immerse in wonder at SeaWorld Orlando where the aquatic world comes alive like no place else. Experience the predator power of MAKO, Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest coaster.

Take a plunge down the world’s tallest river rapids drop on the all-new Infinity Falls™. Climb aboard and ride the mighty Manta.

Discover what it takes to care for an injured animal at SeaWorld Rescue™ Manatee Rehabilitation.

Witness the power and grace of killer whales in the awe-inspiring show One Ocean and experience one-of-a-kind attractions, thrilling coasters and up-close animal interactions.

The centerpiece of SeaWorld Orlando’s offerings is its main theme park, which offers white-knuckle adventure courtesy of its famous roller coasters, such as the all-new Ice Breaker, as well as gentler attractions geared especially for kids — starting with Sesame Street Land™!

12. Weeki Wachee : City of Live Mermaids

Things To Do in Florida 12

From all over the world, Weeki Wachee theme park has attracted thousands of roadside tourists and mermaids since it opened in 1947.

Live Mermaid Shows are held in the theme park, with artists who are half fish and half human, swimming and dancing from a theater created 20 feet below the surface.

In the spring, children and adults alike will enjoy watching turtles, fish, manatees, otters and, occasionally, alligators swim alongside the mermaids.

Also at Weeki Wachee you can go on a riverboat cruise, learn more about Florida wildlife and swim in Buccaneer Bay’s pristine waters.

13. Discovery Cove

Things To Do in Florida 13

Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive resort where you and your family can take part in one-of-a-kind activities including swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with tropical fish and rays, hand-feeding hundreds of exotic birds on the beach.

Discover Cove brings ocean’s wonders right to your feet.

While swimming with rays as wide as your arm, you can watch dolphins and sharks below you. Around the reef you can find additional islets and secluded grottos.

It will be wonderful to see adorable otters and marmosets or just to take a ride along the Wind-Away River near sandy beaches, lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls and a spooky underwater cave.

In the Explorer’s Aviary, where colorful birds fly and chatter, you can get up close to feathered friends.

14. Murder Mystery Dinner Train

Things To Do in Florida 14

The Murder Mystery Dinner Train offers a once-in-a-lifetime dining adventure!

You can enjoy of journey aboard the Murder Mystery Train in a classic 1930s-1940s train and take a part in a live interactive mystery show where you are the super sleuth, finding “who done-it” while savoring culinary delights.

Enjoy a three-and-a-half-hour forty-mile ride through the Southwest Florida countryside while dining on a freshly prepared full five-course supper from a variety of dishes.

As soon as you walk onboard the adventure begins. This fun-filled evening of audience participation brings you into the action. You never know if you’re the main suspect, the victim or one of his collaborators.

Beautiful Florida’s Parks

If you will decide to visit marvelous gardens and parks with rich flora and fauna life you definitely must go to next Florida bucket list:

15. Saint Petersburg Sunken Gardens

sanken garden 1

A botanical paradise amidst city life Sunken Gardens is a stunning spot in the middle of the city.

These 100 year old botanical gardens are the oldest living museum in St. Petersburg due to the presence of some of the oldest tropical plants in the city.

Just relax while strolling along winding lanes brimming with exotic flora from all over the world.

Explore flowing waterfalls, gorgeous demonstration gardens, more than 50 000 tropical plants and flowers and a lots of butterfly on a walk through.

It’s the ideal way for families, couples and friends to spend some quality time together in paradise.

16. Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Things To Do in Florida 16

A Victorian-style greenhouse (a 5,000-square-foot Plexiglas structure made) hidden behind the facade of a historic Key West property is home to hundreds of butterflies from all over the world.

This attraction is certainly an exotic experience, with monarchs and swallowtails to more uncommon species in North America such as the blue morpho and its intoxicating shade of blue.

There are approximately 50 different species of butterflies at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Given that some appear in the morning and others in the afternoon, it’s unlikely that you’ll see all of them in a single visit.

The conservatory, though, isn’t only for butterflies. This greenhouse also serves as a haven for tropical birds and unusual plants and animals. There are a few flamingos on the grounds, and turtles will almost certainly cross your way.

There is a gallery on site. But it not average gallery with canvases and oils. The founder of the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory uses art to conserve butterflies that have perished naturally .

Plant nature lovers will enjoy themselves here as well as the butterflies share their habitat with 3 500 plants and around 20 species of exotic birds. Small turtles relax near the water’s edge while little quail march underfoot.

17. Naples Botanical Garden

busch gardens 17

A Caribbean Garden with a classic re-created chattel home, a stunning waterfall feature with gigantic lilypads in the Brazilian Garden and conserved natural wetlands with a birding tower are among the highlights of its wonderfully landscaped 170 acres.

The Lea Asian Garden stays true to the property’s purpose of showcasing subtropical plants and culture.

It has a re-created 15th century Hindu temple and other exotic shrines and structures, as well as a 250-variety plumeria collection, a rice field, and Asian water elements and plants.

More than 1 000 plant species can be found in the nature sanctuary’s nine tropical themed gardens and undisturbed 90-acre preserve.

Naples Botanical Garden paradise includes cultivated gardens from Florida, Brazil, Asia and the Caribbean, as well as a Water Garden with water lilies, lotus, and papyrus designed by some of the world’s best landscape architects.

The 90-acre park contains seven ecosystems, including mangroves, marshes, and pristine forests, which are home to hundreds of animal species and over 300 alien and native plant species.

18. Gatorland

busch gardens 18

Gatorland offers a variety of unique and exciting adventures for the entire family. This 110-acre theme park, dubbed “The Alligator Capital of the World,” will show you newborn alligators and crocodiles of various sizes.

The Breeding Marsh(a natural Cypress swamp) is the park’s focal point and home to the park’s largest population of swamp dragons.

In the Breeding Marsh, get up close to crocodiles and the world’s largest collection of rare white leucitic alligators.

For even more thrills at this unique theme park take a tour of the free-flight aviary and ride the Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure.

19. Everglades National Park

busch gardens 19

This world-famous iconic “River of Grass” covers 1.5 million acres of subtropical wilderness in South Florida, making it one of the world’s largest wetlands.

Everglades National Park covers 1.5 million acres of wetlands. Saw grass, a grass-like plant that sprouts in water, covers much of the region.

Mangrove swamps or coastal wetlands with robust mangrove trees can also be found in the park.

Visitors can go boating or biking through the wetlands or into the pinelands, which are forested areas of the Everglades National Park.

Due to rising sea levels, this UNESCO World Heritage site is vulnerable to real flooding.

Everglades National Park is a third largest national park in U.S. and home to crocodiles, alligators, the Florida panthers, manatees, another diverse range of flora and fauna.

Besides being a migratory raptor and bird sanctuary, the Everglades National Park is also a place where you can escape the modern world and forget that it exist at all.

This vast area with its many ecosystems attracts a million tourists each year for its numerous outdoor adventure choices, including boating, backcountry camping and birdwatching.

Airboat trips, as well as the NPS’s many ranger-led educational programs are also quite popular in largest national park.

20. Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Things To Do in Florida 21

You can spend an unforgettable day at Seacrest Wolf Preserve, the largest wolf preserve in the southeast of the United States.

You will be taken on a journey through large natural habitats where Gray, Arctic and British Columbian wolves dwell.

When you encounter Seacrest’s wolves and join in on the great wolf howl, you will feel like part of the pack. It’s a treat to be able to experience wolves close-up and first-hand at Seacrest.

21. Florida Caverns State Park

Things To Do in Florida 22

It’s Florida’s only state park where you may go on a guided tour of a major cave system and see beautiful cave formations like stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and flowstone.

These speleothems or rock formations date back 30 million years.

Other geologic features of interest in the park include sinkholes, limestone bluffs, springs and the numerous caves.

Some of the fossil remains of the species that formerly lived in these ancient waters can be seen as you walk down the cave.

Sea biscuits, sand dollars, clams and microscopic disk-shaped animals called foraminifera as well as the teeth of huge sharks can all be found on the cave walls.

Fishing, kayaking and boating are all available on the Chipola River and Blue Hole spring.

Camping, picnicking, fishing, hiking and horseback riding are all popular activities at Florida Caverns State Park.

22. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

Things To Do in Florida 23

Located in Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden the park spans nearly 84 acres of tropical flowers, trees and plants, including some extremely rare species, such as the petticoat palm.

Additionally, Fairchild is home to flora that cannot be found anywhere else in the U.S. with the exception of South Florida. There are thousands of plant species here, many of whem are endangered.

As many as 40 species of exotic butterflies will acrobatically engage in colorful displays of acrobatics at the Wings of the Tropics exhibition, where you can see them in their natural habitat. 

Throughout the park, a majestic cypress forest surrounds a stunning spring that is part of one of Florida’s first magnitudes.

Festivals of mango, chocolate, orchids, art exhibitions, concerts and classes are all held throughout the year in Fairchild.

23. Wekiwa Springs State Park

Things To Do in Florida 233

The stunning vistas within this park, which is located near the headwaters of the Wekiva River, provide a picture of what Central Florida looked like when Indians fished and hunted these areas.

Wekiwa Springs allows tourists to relax in a natural setting, enjoy a picnic or swim in the cool spring.

Hiking, bicycling and horseback riding are all possible on the thirteen miles of paths.

At the park you can rent a kayak or canoe and paddle from the spring to the river, where you can see turtles and alligators on the banks.

24. Ocala National Forest

Things To Do in Florida 24

Nearly 387 000 acres make up the Ocala National Forest.

The Ocala Forest is a one-of-a-kind and fascinating forest with a pleasant environment for year-round recreation.

While visiting the more than 600 square miles of land, you can go hunting, cycling, picnicking, swimming, boating and picturesque driving.

Fishing and water skiing are available at large springs, twisting streams, and lakes. Snorkelers can often see fish, swaying vegetation and vast springs beneath the surface.

Over 600 lakes and ponds, as well as several streams and two rivers, are located in and around Ocala National Forest, making it a popular spot for canoeing.

25. Myakka River State Park

Things To Do in Florida 25

Myakka State Park is one of the oldest and largest in the state. The Myakka River runs through 58 square miles of prairies, wetlands, hammocks and pinelands on its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Canoeing and kayaking, boating, freshwater fishing are all available on this river and its two lakes.

Hikers can explore routes that pass through extensive swaths of Florida’s dry grassland. Two large airboats and safari tram will make your trip unforgettable.

Along the park drive you’ll observe raccoons, deer, opossums, barred owls,red-shouldered hawks, turkeys and vultures. Also huge alligators, wading birds, ducks, woodstorks, ospreys, roseate spoonbills, sandhill cranes, eagles and shorebirds you can meet here.

Hiking routes lead to prairies and pinelands, where bobcats, caracaras, Bachman’s sparrows, bobwhite quail and meadowlarks can be found.

26. St. Andrews State Park

Things To Do in Florida 26

St. Andrews State Park is currently one of the main Panama City Beach attractions, thanks to its past status as a military reservation that protected it from development.

On the Lower Grand Lagoon of St. Andrew Bay, the Park has 1,200 acres, including miles of sugar sand beach, undisturbed pine hammocks, endangered native coastal scrub and wetlands, a lake, and inland shallow water tidal habitats.

Hiking, biking, animal viewing, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling,diving and even surfing are just a few of the land and ocean activities available.

Shell Island a 7-mile-long barrier island and beach with abundant natural beauty, is located in the park’s southern section.

Colorful fish, crabs and a variety of other small marine life can be seen, as well as a dolphin or sea turtle if you’re lucky. Hiking the interior of the island allows you to see coastal plants, tropical birds and wildlife.

27. Lowry Park Zoo

Things To Do in Florida 27

With 1300 animals on its 56-acre grounds, the nonprofit wildlife park focuses on endangered species in the region and those that live in a similar climate. 

All of your favorites are here, including African animals such as giraffes, rhinos and hippos, Asian creatures such as lions, tigers and Florida wildlife such as alligators and crocodiles.

Sunshine State is home to a diverse range of exotic creatures with 760 species found nowhere else on the planet.

The extremely endangered Florida panther is one of 548 species of plants and animals that are threatened with extinction here.

Many of these animals can be found in ZooTampa’s Native Florida Wildlife habitat.

Stunning Beaches in Florida

28. Clearwater Beach

hot florida day 28

Clearwater Beach charms visitors with its immaculate beaches and enticing waters.

See for yourself why this beach is one of the top beach and family destinations in the country with sugar sands, wild dolphins and entertaining family attractions.

Clearwater Beach resorts, attractions, recreation, restaurants and shopping attract visitors from all over the world.

A pristine beach boasting acres of undeveloped beachfront can be found at Sand Key Park, located south over Clearwater Pass.

While the beach is the main attraction, there are literally hundreds of other things to do in the area. Sightseeing and dolphin cruises depart throughout the day.

Parasailing, paddle board and kayak rentals, Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is house for sea turtles, dolphins and other rescued sea creatures, are all available here.

29. Miami South Beach

hot florida day 29

Miami Beach is a popular spot in Florida. Despite the city’s Art Deco glam, high-end shopping and buzzing nightlife, the beaches are the major attraction for holidaymakers.

Miami South Beach has a lively boardwalk, miles of soft sand and plenty of activities such as sunbathing, swimming, shopping, dining, volleyball, etc.

This 2-plus mile stretch of sand along Miami Beach southeastern tip is incredibly wide and eternally swept by aquamarine waves.

The area of South Beach is known for its restaurants, galleries and nightlife.

30. Surfside Beach

hot florida day 30

It’s another famous Miami beach.

Surfside Beach extends for a mile. Paved paths separate the sand from nearby streets and buildings and are among its best features.

Surrounding the beach is Surfside. This town offers travelers a laid-back atmosphere to discover great dining, shop in quirky boutiques and soak up the sun while strolling through its downtown.

A fantastic water park is located at the Surfside Community Center.

31. Anna Maria Beach

many beaches 31

Anna Maria Beach is located on Anna Maria Island’s northern tip. It is the most isolated and peaceful beach of island.The water in ocean is crystal clear.

It also has the world-renowned ‘Sandbar Restaurant’ with one of the best sea views. The marine birds stop to rest at the large sandbar, little further up the beach .

Bean Point is located on the north shore of Anna Maria Island and provides a spectacular, panoramic view of both the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

And here we got only a few beaches. But Sunshine State it’s a massive place and just unreal to remember all fantastic sites and beaches.

I would like to add to my Florida bucket list for future visit next locations:

Daytona Beach
Panama City Beach
Delray Beach
Siesta Key Beach
Beach of Destin
Amelia Island Beach
Sanibel Island and Captiva
Mount Dora Beach
Seaside Beaches
Apalachicola Beaches

I’m sure that none will be disappoint me.

Florida’s Museums

32. Salvador Dali Museum

vizcaya museum 32

The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, has opened its doors to the public in spectacular new structure overlooking the Tampa Bay.

The Salvador Dali Museum has 68,000 square feet of internal space for Dali’s artwork and admirers.

It contains hundreds of Dali’s paintings and other works, ranging in size from postcard illustrations to huge 15-foot masterworks.

This edifice has everything from the Persistence of Memory to the Hallucinogenic Toreador, as well as the world’s greatest collection of Dali masterworks.

33. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

vizcaya museum and gardens 33

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a National Historic Landmark that protects its cultural and environmental resources. A farming manufacturer James Deering built the house between 1914 and 1922 as his winter residence.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is home to a decorative art collection, 10 acres of botanical gardens, a rockland hammock (natural woodland), a mangrove shore.

The Formal Gardens mimic the arrangement of France’s Versailles in many aspects. Low clipped shrubs form intriguing geometric patterns in walkways.

Vizcaya’s European image is enhanced by thick columns, lush mazes, and classical statues, but it also embraces its tropical surroundings.

Palm trees, rare orchids and Cuban limestone give the opulent Mediterranean ambiance a Miami twist.

The Fountain Garden still has a working centerpiece that was imported from Sutri, Italy.

34. Coral Castle

vizcaya museum 34

There is an enigma a little distance outside of Homestead, Florida.

The Coral Castle is an ornamental park made of approximately 1 000 tons of megalithic coral limestone quarried, cut and stacked from 1923 to 1951 to create towers, beds and tables, rocking rockers, sundials and strange astrological symbols.

It is singularly odd as a folly, but what makes it even crazier is that the Coral Castle was built by one guy alone, over the period of 28 years of solo labor, using only hand tools to fashion a palace.

The Coral Castle’s most astonishing feature is that no one knows exactly how Ed Leedskalnin built it.

Behind it all is a complex science of geometry, a mass-manipulation technique that the architect claimed to have inherited from the builders of King Solomon’s Temple and the Egyptian pyramids.

Whatever the truth is, whatever method was used and whatever the significance of Leedskalnin’s explanations, one thing is certain:

The motto he carved into stone above the entrance to the Coral Castle all those 60 years ago is still as true today as it was then.“You will be seeing unusual accomplishment”.

35. Florida Museum of Natural History

circus museum 35

With over 40 million specimens and artifacts the Florida Museum of Natural History is the official state natural history museum and one of the top five museums in the country.

You can be a witness a Calusa Indian greeting ceremony in South Florida, visit a life-size limestone cave and view a mammoth and mastodon from the last ice age.

You can see in the “Butterfly Rainforest” exhibit hundreds of free-flying tropical butterflies (generally more than 50 species), birds from around the world and an assortment of other animals, including turtles and fish.

Powell Hall’s permanent exhibition halls examine the state’s distinct environments and rich cultural past, including information about some of Florida’s earliest Native peoples.

Its major facilities are on the Gainesville campus of the University of Florida.

Tropical trees and colorful flowering plants dot the verdant scenery with waterfalls and a walking trail.

That’s only a few museums in my list but Florida bucket list of Museums much bigger. I am sure that next places will be bring for you a lot’s of amazing emotions too:

Ringling Museum
Wynwood Walls
Museum of Science and Discovery
John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum
Pirate & Treasure Museum
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
Naval Aviation Museum
Clyde Butcher’s Gallery in Ochopee
Bonnet House Museum & Gardens
Castle Otttis
and a lot’s another

Old Forts

36. Castillo De San Marcos in Saint Augustine

fort lauderdale 36

Built to protect and defend Spain’s claims in the New World the Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in the continental U.S.

This historic structure is St. Augustine’s oldest building and stands more than 315 years old. And even St.Augusting lays claim to being the oldest city in the U.S. from this reason.

There’s plenty of things to do at the Castillo.You can look the numerous rooms that once housed soldiers and prisoners or the gun deck with it’s large interior courtyard which offers a great view of the city.

A variety of interpretative talks are presented throughout the day by Park Rangers on the history and culture of the park.

During your visit to the fort, you can often see re-enactors dressed in period attire demonstrating historical weapons and telling the story of the colonists who once lived there.

If you are like history of United States Fort Lauderdale, Fort Pickens and Fort Myers in Florida also will be interesting for you.

Another Interesting Places in Sunshine State

37. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Since the late 1960s, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has been America’s spaceport, housing all of the government’s manned spaceflights.

Merritt Island in the northwest of Florida’s Cape Canaveral is home to KSC. The space center sprawls over 219 square miles.

The US Astronaut Hall of Fame, NASA’s former launch countdown clock, a rocket garden, a simulator for training astronauts and a space shuttle Atlantis are all located there.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a mix of attractions, interactive experiences and simulations, behind-the-scenes tours, exclusive exhibits and 3D space films.

IMAX movies about space and space shuttle are also available and you can even get your photo taken with an astronaut.

38. Daytona International Speedway

Things To Do in Florida 38

Daytona International Speedway has enduring appeal all year for all ages! And you don’t have to be a race fan to get spellbound by a Speedway Track Tour.

It’s a massive multi-sports facility that leaves visitors in awe with every visit.

You can visit the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, look thousands of vintage and rare items like Earnhardt memorabilia, Blue Bird III replica.

A famed automobile that helped Sir Malcolm Campbell break land speed records, images of beach racing history to famed moments of the DAYTONA 500 waiting you too.

NASCAR Racing Experience will be wait you too.

39. Duval Street in Key West

Things To Do in Florida 39

Key West’s famous party atmosphere is centered on Duval Street, which runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

This popular street is lined with well-known retail stores, gift shops, restaurants with fantastic food and nightlife hotspots .

Duval Street is a fantastic place for shopping, dining, and partying from sunset until dawn.

During the Key West Food & Wine Festival and the Conch Republic Independence Festival, Duval Street is the center of the action.

The Key West Poker Run is an annual gathering of motorcyclists from all over the country. Festivals and street fairs are held on Duval Street throughout the year.

40.Venetian Pool

Things in Florida 40

Coral rock was used to border and further accentuate this pool that was built in 1923 from a coral rock quarry. Furthermore, two large historic lookout towers offer a panoramic view of the City Beautiful.

From an underground aquifer, spring water feeds the 820,000 gallon pool.

Swimmers will enjoy the cave-like grottos and the waterfalls that provide a scenic backdrop.

Loggias, porticos, palm trees and the signature bridge add even more natural beauty to the Venetian Pool.

41. Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

Mote marine 41

A stingray touch pool & a giant 135,000-gallon shark habitat are among the many exhibits at the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, which is located in Sarasota, Florida.

Manatees, turtles, river otters, the world’s largest fish species (the goliath grouper), and other popular Florida game fish are some of the species that live there.

In addition to the aquarium a sea turtle rehabilitation center is available at the facility.

42. Miccosukee Reservation

Micosuke 42

Native Americans of the Miccosukee tribe inhabit the Miccosukee Indian Reservation.

Miccosukees have traditionally hunted, fished, and farmed on this land. There is an Indian village on the reservation where you can be witness of traditional arts and crafts, cooking demonstrations and alligator encounters.

Krome Avenue is the smallest section of Miccosukee Indian Reservation and is home to Miccosukee Resort & Casino, a tobacco shop and a convention center.

Besides hotel rooms, a casino and restaurants the resort has an European spa, Club Egret and child-care center.

Sunshine State is so big and amazing. It’s impossible put all interesting locations in one Florida bucket list like you can see. But I will try to take your attention to next fantastic places:

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Florida’s beautiful beaches, super weather, wildlife, theme parks and delicious food make it one of the most popular destinations for holidays.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Florida a thousand times or if it’s your first time, I’m sure the extremely beautiful places of the Sunshine State will be never disappoint you.
Today you been in Walt Disney World or Everglades National Park. Salvador Dali Museum or Sunken Gardens will be wait you tomorrow.

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