Cressi Frameless Dive Mask and Supernova Dry Snorkel Combo – Pink

Cressi Frameless Mask Sleek 100% liquid silicone skirt attached directly to the tempered glass lens. No mask frame means the frameless mask offers an incredible field of vision and packs flat. | Cressi Desert Dry Snorkel is the first submersible dry top snorkel of the Cressi line. Great for kids to adults, anyone who wants to feel that much safer when they are snorkeling.

Product Features

  • No-frame design reduces weight and provides one of the largest fields-of-view | Extremely low volume design | Swiveling, easy adjusting buckles
  • Ideal for hunters and photographers | Perfect back-up mask as it folds and fits easily in your BC pocket
  • The first submersible Dry snorkel in the Cressi collection
  • Dry top eliminates water entry when submerged
  • Soft silicone mouth piece and flex tub
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3 Responses to Cressi Frameless Dive Mask and Supernova Dry Snorkel Combo – Pink

  1. Kyle R. says:

    Fix your fog problem with baby/kid shampoo I saw a lot of complants about the mask fogging up. I bought it anyways. This is my first snorkle and mask. I tried spitting in it but don’t like the results much or spitting into my mask. I found a tip about using baby shampoo and it is amazing. Before I dive I rub kids shampoo in the goggles then wash out all the extra till it is clear. I attached a photo, left is without shampoo and right is with shampoo then washed out. I then wore the mask for 5 mins and took this picture. The reason this…

  2. RunMore says:

    Great value, great mask This is a great mask and dry snorkel. I am an experienced diver and have had many different masks. For the money, this one takes the cake. Low profile, great fit, and doesn’t hurt my face esp at lower depths when pressure increases. I’ve had much more expensive masks that I can’t say the same about. Note, I have a relatively small/thin face (7 1/4″ hat size) if that helps anyone. My 12 yo son (also a certified diver) also has the same mask and loves it. We recently bought a mask with…

  3. CK says:

    This set is a winner – price, fit, looks and comfort This is my second mask/snorkel set. The first one I got was the Cressi Eye Evolution. Cost me $60 just for the mask. The snorkel I got then was NOT a dry top but had a splash guard. I got this set because it cost less than ordering each individually. I was worried about the quality in mask/snorkel sets but you an assure that this works very well. I am comparing the mask with the Cressi Eye evolution here. Both have the same width. This mask has a softer skirt (see photo) so it was lighter and…

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