Innovative Dive Flag Mask Bag – Black

7 in wide by 5 in high 3.5 depth. Mask Bag is made for Mask without Plastic Case. Protects your Mask and Snorkel. Durable Cordura Material, Drain Grommets, Side Pocket for Defog. Sturdy Non-Corrosive Plastic D-Ring for attachment to your Main Gear Bag.

Product Features

  • Durable, protective cordura bag with mask defog pocket.
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3 Responses to Innovative Dive Flag Mask Bag – Black

  1. James Bond says:

    Nice Alternative to a plastic Mask Box The pouch is a nice alternative to a plastic Mask Box. 

  2. Andrew Loves Amazon says:

    Perfect for standard & small size snorkel masks. This is a really high quality bag. Its stylish with high quality materials and workmanship. It fits a standard mask great though the fit is a little tight on a larger mask. The snorkel lays across the top sticking out of both ends. Small pocket on the side will hold a bottle of defogger.

  3. Lars Sveen says:

    Excellent. Great little bag. I love that it has a nice little loop so that I can clip it to my gear or gear bag. It’s well padded to protect my prescription mask. My dive light also just fits. And my snorkel also fits over top of the mask and sticks out either side and the bag still closes easily with all 3. The side pocket is very convenient for anti-fog. I keep anti-fog, doc’s vented earplugs, and my save-a-dive kit all in that little pocket.

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