Cressi Leonardo Scuba Dive Computer – Wrist (Black/Gray)

Entry level computer featuring Air,Nitrox and Gauge Modes Three levels of conservation that the user can adjust Speed ascent control 10m per minute Modified Haldane and Wienke dive tables are used to calculate saturation The Log book can hold up to 60 dives or 75 hours worth of dive information and it is updated every 20 seconds Compact unit with a large ,Hi Definition screen Easy to read numbers Battery indicator on the display Beeps are very audible under water One front button controls all functions of the computer A quick press of the button changes the function of the computer and a long press selects the function No wet contacts are used on the unit which insures that rust will not be a factor User replaceable battery

Product Features

  • Single Button Interface: Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge
  • Large Numerical Displays, Back Light Feature for Low Light Conditions
  • Depth, Dive Times, Decompression Status, Ascent Rate & Surface Interval Times
  • Imperial (feet) or Metric (meters) System Selections
  • User Replaceable CR2430 3-Volt Battery, Replaceable Lens Cover
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3 Responses to Cressi Leonardo Scuba Dive Computer – Wrist (Black/Gray)

  1. Federico says:

    Very easy to use and quite useful Fantastic computer and extremely easy to use. I decided to buy a computer since have started diving frequently and found that computer aren’t that easy to handle, at least for me that I am Advance Open Water Padi and didn’t dive with gases yet. 

  2. Jon Etkins says:

    It gets the job done – very well I bought my Leonardo when I discovered – a couple of weeks before being due to fly out on a dive vacation – that my Oceanic Veo 250 had developed problems with its display. Faced with a $200 bill to repair the Veo (nobody actually services these things, they just replace the entire module) I decided instead to take the opportunity to buy a replacement and keep the Veo as a backup if it turned out to be still functional. 

  3. Christopher H. says:

    Great budget computer that does all the basics So far this dive watch has proved to be exactly what I was looking for.Features I’d hoped for:-Basic dive planning-Depth tracking (max and current)-Dive time tracking-TemperatureI purchase this based on the reviews and price point, at some point it will be my “back-up” computer, but I love it so far. The strap is a little long, but better to be too long than too short

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