Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set, Clear

Change your point of view. A low profile family of masks for the pro, the semi-pro, and all lovers of the sport who want to see the underwater world more clearly. Cressi masks have been designed to give you great visibility, fit, durability and comfort. You’ll get a clear look at what’s going on in any dive environment and our eye-catching translucent colors will let you outshine the brightest fish. Same great fit and style as the Panoramic 4-Window mask with side windows for increased peripheral vision Sturdy lightweight frame Low volume design for wide field-of-view and easy clearing 100% liquid silicone for comfort and long-life Tempered glass lens for safety Easy adjusting buckles for convenience Cressi Dry Snorkel, Is the first submersible dry top snorkel of the Cressi line. Great for kids to adults, anyone who wants to feel that much safer when they are snorkeling. The first submersible Dry snorkel in the Cressi collection Dry top eliminates water entry when submerged Soft silicone mouth piece and flex tub

Product Features

  • Lenses Precisely Fit to Main Lens for Nearly Uninterrupted Field of View
  • Tempered Glass Lenses, Tough and Durable Polycarbonate Frame
  • Soft 100% High-Quality Silicone Rubber Skirt
  • Double Feathered Edge Skirt for Perfect Seal on Face
  • Quick-Adjust Ratcheting Mask Strap Buckles
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3 Responses to Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set, Clear

  1. Carl Caplin says:

    Great quality product! Amazing mask!! And quality!! I bought 2 for me and my wife!! I would recommend to anyone!!!

  2. Nacho says:

    Clear Wide View! I was tired of paying to rent snorkeling gear on cruises, decided to buy my own set for multiple reasons. This set more than exceeded my expectations. Let me start off by saying that i am no professional, maybe have snorkel 15+ times my whole life; however, this mask is clearest mask i have ever wore. The view is substantial and the mask is ten times more comfortable then the ones i have been renting. The snorkel is comfortable and does not fill up with water when diving down in the water to…

  3. Corey says:

    Awesome Mask Awesome mask and snorkel set. My wife and I both got tired of the run of the mill sets and opted to buy something a little nicer and I’m so glad I did! The panoramic view works great and the lens is crystal clear. When we go out, we go out all day long and I didn’t have a drop of water in it all day long. No leaks at all.Go with the black mask. The dark frame will help you see better under water.

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