M Essentials Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks

Sea Gold by M Essentials is a powerful anti-fog formula that lasts longer than other anti-fog treatments. It’s highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. And it’s even effective through multiple dives. Use in any water temperature and in any conditions. It’s safe for glass and plastic lenses, and won’t harm silicone or rubber mask frames. Part of the McNett family of brands, M Essentials features an assortment of reliable products designed to repair and maintain the life of watersports gears. For three decades McNett has been providing you with the Essentials for Adventure.

Product Features

  • Highly concentrated anti-fog gel for dive masks will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames
  • Powerful, long lasting formula provides fog free protection and works in all water temperatures
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and alcohol free formula is safe for all glass and plastic lenses
  • Not recommended for use on swim goggles due to abrasion risk
  • Made in USA
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3 Responses to M Essentials Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks

  1. Rob says:

    A little bit fussy to apply, works great after that It’s not simple to apply- you squirt out the gel, get an even coating of it inside your lenses (at which point they’ll look like you applied vaseline to them), then give them one super-quick rinse (just a dip and shake underwater) before putting them on. The lenses do have to be dry when you apply, which is a pain since you can’t just reapply if the lenses don’t look right after your first application. It took me a few tries to get the technique down, but once you do, you’ll know- I’ve never…

  2. Charlotte-ann Riffey says:

    Great stuff – I buy it often! This stuff works better than any other de-foggers I’ve tried. Don’t be fooled – even though this looks like the old one – the one I received was in the newly branded packaging (same company though – same product – just new look). The best way to use this I’ve found is to put it on about 15 minutes before you go diving, rub it around, leave it in there and rinse it JUST BEFORE you get in the water. No problems with fog if you do it that way!

  3. Lindsay says:

    OK item – defogs mask some of the time Used this for a snorkel trip in the Bahamas. Only kept my mask defogged some of the time. Seems that everyone had an opinion about the best mask defogger and most people said baby shampoo was the best. I used that also on the trip and found that although it didn’t work all of the time it worked better than this stuff.

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