Scuba Diving Tank O-Ring Dive Kit Keychain with Pick – Silver

With 12 Assorted O-Rings Available with O-ring pick and with 12 assorted buna o-rings or Viton O-rings for Nitrox divers. Models Available: Silver Tank Keychain with Pick and 12 Rubber O-Rings Blue Tank Keychain with Pick and 12 Rubber O-Rings Silver NITROX FLAG Tank Keychain with Pick and 12 VITON O-Rings

Product Features

  • 12 assorted “O” rings
  • Brass “O” ring pick
  • Everything tucks inside the tank with a screw cap
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3 Responses to Scuba Diving Tank O-Ring Dive Kit Keychain with Pick – Silver

  1. Amy Weir says:

    Nice friend to have around! Nice save-a-dive essential. The copper pick is quite weak and bends easily…but I know that is just the nature of copper and if you are using it to pick out an o-ring from a tank valve you have to have a softer metal than the valve so as not to scratch or damage the valve opening!Anyway, it has some nice common sized o-rings and they are very slightly pre-greased which is great and helps keep them from drying out. Nice and portable, not at all in the way on your keys.

  2. Steve D. says:

    Finally! A Way to Easily Remove O-rings As many fellow divers know, it’s a big hassle to remove O-rings from tank valves without damaging them. This little device easily and quickly solves that problem, and the protective case is ingenious. This is a great tool for any diver to own. Only drawbacks are that it should have a separate compartment for storing the O-rings so that they don’t fall out after opening the tool, and the tip bends easily. However, it’s very handy and can attach to a BC ring. During a dive trip, I fixed a…

  3. Mark Barbagallo says:

    Five Stars Every diver should have one of these in case they need an o-ring on the fly. This little tank looks really great but more importantly, it works. The base has a built-in o-ring removal tool that makes pulling out your old and damaged o-ring a breeze. Then you just pop in your new o-ring and you’re ready to go! A must-have for any diver!

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