Underwater Dive Slate 6″ x 5″

Diver’s Underwater Writing Slate for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving to Tell your dive buddy what you are seeing by simply writing on the face of this easy to use underwater communication device.

Product Features

  • Pencil with safety leash
  • Clip to secure it
  • Dimensions: 6 in. x 5 in.
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3 Responses to Underwater Dive Slate 6″ x 5″

  1. Mareque Steele says:

    GREAT for Pool Use, So So for Diving I am a SCUBA diver, but I am also getting back into swimming for fitness and triathlons. I use this for swim training. 

  2. Provident says:

    Very useful My wife and I were newer divers going spending a week in Palau diving. These were invaluable. When you are a new diver it is difficult to remember the hand signals for everything. When my wife didn’t have enough weight it was easy for her to tell me. The writing instrument attached is a regular pencil. It didn’t have an eraser, but oddly enough rubbing my flip flop on it worked well enough. This tablet glows in the dark, and the neck swivels so you can use the other side if you have written too…

  3. George Brenton says:

    … an athletic trainer and work in some of the best and worse environments possible I am an athletic trainer and work in some of the best and worse environments possible. I have used a dive slate to record injuries and treatments during rain, snow, and hail storms for many years. This slate is invaluable to me in my job for documentation on the field. Easy to use and easy to clean with both Soft Scrub or a regular eraser. Very durable as well, it withstands the beating at football games as well as on bumpy bus rides with all of the other equipment. When the pencil wears out…

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