Diver Down: Real-World SCUBA Accidents and How to Avoid Them

One diver, after a seemingly brief period below the surface, discovers that his gas supply has run perilously low. Another, paralyzed, bobs helplessly on the surface, and when a poorly trained divemaster attempts rescue, things go from bad to worse. Two other divers, fascinated by the bountiful undersea life of the Caribbean, fail to notice that a powerful current is sweeping them rapidly away from their unattended boat.

These are just a few of the true stories you’ll find in Diver Down, most of them involving diver error and resulting in serious injury or death. Each of these tales is accompanied by an in-depth analysis of what went wrong and how you can recognize, avoid, and respond to similar underwater calamities. This unique survival guide explores the gamut of diving situations, including cave and wreck diving, deep-water dives, river and drift diving, decompression sickness, and much more. It shows you how to prevent tragic mishaps through: Inspection and maintenance of primary and secondary diving gear Learning and following established safety protocols Confirming the training and credentials of diving professionals Practicing emergency responses under real-world conditions

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3 Responses to Diver Down: Real-World SCUBA Accidents and How to Avoid Them

  1. ScubaGuySouthFL says:

    Great for divers of all skill levels I’m a Divemaster and I would recommend this book for everyone from entry level divers to dive professionals. It’s a very good read. Most books like this that try to explain how to manage scuba diving accidents are kinda boring but this one kept my attention from beginning to end. I feel it made me a safer diver and a better Divemaster. It goes into detail on dive real life dive accidents, the events that proceeded them, what happened during the emergency, and what happened after, as well as how…

  2. B. Schuerman says:

    Highly recommended read! This is a book that could really make you think in advance about some problems you might find yourself faced with. Diving can be a dangerous sport and this author has certainly highlighted some principals all divers should think about. The detail surrounding both recreational and technical concepts really expanded my views on the sport. Every diver should read this regardless of experience level to help themselves and their fellow divers.

  3. Jaco's Friend says:

    must reading for OW scuba divers This is a very informative, useful, and well-written book that should be must reading for OW divers (for that matter any diver who hasn’t read it). I’m AOW and have been reading the accidents/incidents section of the scubaboard forum for a while, but this book is far more informative and to-the-point. The book starts out with a brief scuba 101 overview, then goes into case studies where some ended up as scares, others resulted in fatalities. The scenarios and causalities are varied which…

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