The Scuba Premium Accessories for GoPro Hero 4,3,2,1

HEAD STRAP – can be worn directly on the head or even with helmet, fully adjustable. It captures your adventure from the headlamp-like viewpoint.

CHEST BODY STRAP – chest harness form with the full view in the mid-level, fully adjustable.

MONOPOD FOR GOPRO WITH ADAPTER – hand-held Pole capturing a hard-to reach angle for a wider coverage.

FLOATY BOBBER WITH STRAP AND SCREW – floating device for the GoPro. The shape makes you have a good grip while you’re in water & it’s in popping color yellow that’s easy to spot on.

3 WAY ADJUSTABLE PIVOT ARM – allows 3 directions adjustable to make your GoPro in the ideal shooting angle you desire.

BACKDOOR ANG FLOATY SPONGE – attach directly to the backdoor housing of the GoPro for added security when using light-weight GoPro accessories in water, comes with adhesive tape.

WATERPROOF CASE – up to depth of 197 feet (60 meters). Designed to fit GoPro here 3, 3+ and 4 cameras.

12 PIECES ANTI-FOG INSERTS – made with high quality silica gel on cellulose fiber. Designed to prevent fogging and moisture in your GoPro, can be used up to 5x.

BLACK TRIPOD MOUNT ADAPTER – metal mount adapter designed for extreme activity, attaching your quick-release GoPro camera to a standard tripod.

2x VERTICAL SURFACE J-HOOK BUCKLE – allows you to attach your GoPro camera to a chest harness or adhesive helmet mount.

2x THUMB KNOB – base that allows you to attach your GoPro camera to a chest harness securely, comes in two different sizes 5cm and 5.5cm

BAG – perfect storage for your GoPro together with the other accessories. It keeps them handy.

WRIST STRAP – Secures camera flat against your wrist for hands-free convenience.


Product Features

  • Best Value: Be completely beach-ready! This Scuba Kit Edition gathered all the GoPro accessories that will help your GoPro capture footages of your diving adventure. Whether you’re exploring the tropical reefs or swimming with sea creatures, make sure to record all your underwater experience with this exclusive bundle.
  • 1.) Elastic Adjustable Head Strap 2.) Chest Body Strap 3.) Monopod for GoPro with adapter 4.) Floaty bobber with strap and screw 5.)Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm 6.) Backdoor and Floaty sponge 4.) GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4 waterproof case 5.) 12 pieces Anti-fog inserts 6.) Black Tripod Mount Adapter 7.) 2x Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle 8.) 2X Thumb Knob 9.)Bag for GoPro accessories 10.) Wrist strap
  • All are made in premium quality: durable and sturdy, exclusively designed to fit the active lifestyle of every individual and ensuring the safety of your GoPro Hero Camera.
  • Compatible with all models of GoPro Hero: GoPro Hero 4 Black / Silver, GoPro Hero 3 / 3+ Silver / Black, GoPro Here 2, Hero and GoPro Entry Level
  • World’s best accessory package for GoPro optimization.
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3 Responses to The Scuba Premium Accessories for GoPro Hero 4,3,2,1

  1. nadine says:

    Five Stars Very good product… I will buy it again If I have to…

  2. PDS says:

    Four Stars Good value; wish i had more room to keep all this stuff!

  3. Jayhawk says:

    Four Stars Lots of options.

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